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General Manager

Ryan Banks
General Manager & Managing Partner

Meet Ryan Banks,

Ryan serves his role as General Manager and Managing Partner at Big Rock Dodge here in Hinton, AB. Formerly working at Zender Ford in management, Ryan began his partnership with Chad Zender in July of 2018, when they assumed management of Big Rock Dodge.

When Ryan isn't here at work, you will likely find him spending quality time with his family. Ryan has a passion for collecting automobiles, and loves his Super Bee Challenger.



Mitch Loutan
Assistant Sales Manager

Meet Mopar Mitch,

Mitch has been in the industry since August of 2017, first starting out as a sales specialist here at Big Rock. Now as our assistant sales manager, we take great pride in watching Mitch as he has expanded in our dealership since starting with us just a few years ago. When Mitch isn't hard at work, He's probably walking his dogs, spending quality time with his wife, or watching TV and relaxing. 

Casey Caswell
Sales Specialist

Meet Casey Caswell

Casey moved to Hinton from the city 13 years ago to buy the local bowling alley. After eleven great years of bowling Casey decided to switch careers and came to Big Rock where he continues to specialize in automotive sales since starting his employment with us in September of 2017. When Casey's not hard at work assisting clients on their pursuit to owning thier dream vehicle, you can catch him enjoying time with his daughter riding on their Harley Davidson together.

Bil Teskey
Sales Associate

Meet Bil,

Bil started his position at Big Rock Dodge in February 2020 as a sales specialist, though he has 7 years experience in the industry prior. Involved with the community Bil is also recognized as the president of MobbinKingz motorcycle group, known for hosting the non profit "Bikez for Kidz" poker run. 

When Bil isn't helping our Big Rock customers find their dream vehicle, you will likely catch him rebuilding and working on his Harleys, riding his Harleys, or just going on a bike trip overall.

Welcome to the Big Rock Family!

Corey Holgate
Sales Specialist

Meet Corey,

Corey began his position as a sales specialist in August of 2020, entering the automotive industry for his first time ever. When Corey isn't here at work, He may be spending quality time with his friends and family, entertaining with video games, playing guitar, or enjoying various outdoor activities including mountain biking, camping, fishing, kayaking, golfing, and sitting around a firepit. Corey is also a volunteer coach for minor hockey and soccer here in Hinton.

Welcome to the team Corey!

Carrie Mallach

Meet Carrie, 

Carrie has joined the Big Rock Dodge team in September of 2020, though she has 1 year experience in the automotive industry prior.

When Carrie isn't busy aiding our customers and sales team, you can find her doing her favorite activities like wood carving, gardening, and spending time with her kids and dog Cali. 

Welcome to the Big Rock Family Carrie!

Tylor Mcgill
Lot Attendant

Meet Tylor,

Tylor is our lot attendant here at Big Rock Dodge, starting his position with us back in January of 2020. You will often find him running around our lot making sure all the vehicles are lined up, shiny, and ready to sell. When not working on keeping our vehicles looking top notch, you may find him close to the sales team or wash bay being his best right-hand man.When it's time to relax from work Tylor is often found camping, playing video games, or hiking.

Welcome to the Big Rock Family!



Craig Dodd
Financial Services Manager

Meet Craig,

Craig is one of Big Rock's finance manager's, serving us since July 2015 after entering the automotive industry for the very first time.

When Craig isn't at work, you'll probably catch him golfing. He is a great sports enthusiast, a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and a grammar constable.

Kara Schellenberg
Finance Associate

Meet Kara,

Kara has joined our Big Rock team this September of 2020 as a finance associate, though she has worked in the industry for 13 years prior and also has service experience since 2007.

When Kara isn't here at work, you can catch her hanging out with her dog Hutch, spending time around the fire with friends and family, hiking, biking, and spending time outdoors.

Welcome to the Big Rock Dodge team Kara!


Business Development

Nikita Robertson
Business Development

Meet Nikita

Nikita joined our Big Rock Family back in May of 2019 entering the automotive industry for her very first time as our sales admin. After working in administrative and automotive sales, she is now a part of our business development team. Nikita has 7 years of sales experience prior to Big Rock Dodge, and her aim with us is to strengthen business tactics and build her suit of professionalism for future prospects.

When Nikita isn't working you can usually find her going on adventures, enjoying quality time with her cat, and working on little projects. Some of Nikita's hobbies include racing,  parkour, hiking, and thrill seeking activities.



Laura Clarke

Meet Laura

Laura is our Controller here at Big Rock Dodge, and has worked with us in the automotive industry since August 2015. When Laura isn't at Big Rock she most likely is teaching dance or hanging out with her dog Coral.

Carrie Karlowich
Accounting Assistant

Meet Carrie,

Carrie has been at Big Rock Dodge since February 2020, entering the automotive industry for her very first time as an accounting assistant. You may recognise her for always wearing a big smile and her friendly personality. 

When Carrie isn't here at work, you'll probably find her gardening, hiking in the mountains, kayaking, walking her dog, cooking, or spending time with her family and grandchildren. Carrie quotes "My happy place in in Maui, I can't wait to go back."


Parts & Service

Chris Van De Spiegle
Fixed Operations Manager

Meet Chris,

Chris has been Big Rock Dodge's fixed op's manager since October 2016, though he has worked in the automotive industry for 20 years. He refers to himself as the general keeper of the peace and go to guy.

Chris enjoys spending time with family and friends. He values cherished time spent with loved ones. You will most likely find Chris at the golf course when he isn't working. He volunteers with many local christian events and loves assisting his church family in any way he can. Chris also enjoys outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, and cooking. Born and raised in northern Ontario, Chris grew up in the outdoors, but moved to Alberta back in 2007 and started his career with Chrysler. Since then, he has been involved with parts management, service management, and now his role as fixed ops manager.

Morgan Roberts
Service Manager

Meet Morgan Roberts,

Morgan Roberts began her position as Business Development Manager here at Big Rock Dodge back in 2017, after 3 years of BDC she transitioned into the service department where she holds the title of Service Manager. Morgan comes to us from a business management background in economic development, communications and entrepreneurship. You may meet Morgan as a friendly welcoming face in our dealership or behind the scenes making sure the dealership runs smoothly and efficiently. 


In her free time she enjoys giving back and creating community partnership opportunities. 

Rachel Zuk
Service Advisor

Meet Rachel,

Rachel Joined our Big Rock Family July of 2018 as a service advisor, starting her first position in the automotive industry.

When Rachel isn't busy aiding clients with their automotive maintenance needs, she is spending time with her family, working on art projects, curling up on the sofa with a good book, sharing popcorn with her kitty, and waiting for the day her boyfriend proposes (hint hint).

Laurie Hirschi
Parts & Service Assistant

Meet Laurie,

Laurie has been in the automotive industry for 5 years now, though only 1 of those years previously were at Big Rock Dodge. Re-joining our team in July of 2020, we welcome her back as our parts & service assistant.

Laurie is also registered as a massage therapist, and is a student manual osteopathic therapist. When not busy working away, you'll find Laurie fly fishing, or hiking through the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Trudy Kelland
Service Advisor

Meet Trudy,

Trudy Started her position at Big Rock Dodge in August of 2020, joining our team with 4 years of experience in the automotive industry prior.

When Trudy isn't busy here at work you can find her enjoying quality time with her grandchildren, painting with acrylics, making items from Diamond Willow tree's, cooking, or making macramé curtains, plant holders, and décor.

Welcome to the Big Rock team Trudy!

Steve Caplette
Assistant Parts Manager

Meet Steve Caplette

Steve Started in the Automotive industry as a mechanic 7 years ago. Now as our assistant parts manager, he has been with the Big Rock family since April 2015. Steve specializes in resourcefully answering as many automotive related questions we can possibly throw his way, that is when hes not busy fueling on pizza and slaying dragons in the back shop. We love you Steve! (Steve's the real MVP).

Originally from Saskatchewan, relocating to the Rockies has been all the advantage to Steve as he really enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, dirt-biking, skateboarding, and 4-wheeling. In the past 4.5 years we have learned that if Steve isn't at work or participating in any of the previous listed activities, he's likely enjoying quality time with friends and family.

Chelsea Sjoquist
Parts Advisor

Meet Chelsea,

Chelsea has been in the automotive industry 4 years prior to re-starting her position here as a parts advisor, beginning of summer 2020. When Chelsea isn't hard at work here in the dealership, you can catch her enjoying outdoor activities with her dog Shadow. She's a big fan of hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and off roading vehicles. Chelsea quotes "I don't like winter, I'm going to win the lottery and move somewhere warm." 

Alex Norquay
Parts Advisor

Meet Alex,

Alex has worked with Big Rock Dodge since October of 2015, starting his very first position here as shop hand. Since then, Alex has covered a variety of roles in our dealership including Detailing, Sales, and now Parts Associate. Alex is a full time student at SAIT and is currently enrolled in Supply Chain Management. We are very proud of Alex and all the accomplishments he has made as a student and employee. 

Keep on the hard work Alex!

Crystal Banks
Parts Adviser

Meet Crystal Banks

Crystal joined the Big Rock team back in 2018, entering the automotive Industry for the first time as a parts adviser. Crystal came to Hinton with her husband Ryan after his position as partners of Big Rock Dodge launched. In her spare time, Crystal enjoys hiking, fitness, and spending time with her family and 3 dogs.   

Chad Thompson
Auto Technician

Meet Chad,

Chad stared his position here at Big Rock Dodge in March of 2020, but has been in the automotive industry for 26 years prior. When Chad isn't here at work you may  find him camping, fishing, hunting, or just enjoying his time through travels. 

Welcome to the Big Rock Family Chad!

Tom Brunen
Journeyman Technician

Meet Tom, 

Tom has been an automotive technician for 30 years, and has been with Big Rock Dodge since February of 2016. When Tom isn't contributing his service to the community, you may find him hunting, fishing, and fixing stuff on his downtime. 

Ken Kerr
Journeyman Technician

Meet Ken,

Ken has been employed by Big Rock Dodge since September of 2013, and has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He serves our community as an automotive technician aka. "The Tranny Guy".

Ken loves going to car shows, hiking, watching hokey, and going bowling. He states that "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy Mopar and that's close enough."

Ken's famous motto is "Mopar or no car!"

Scott Desaulniers

Meet Scott,

Scott has been an employee at Big Rock Dodge since August 2018 as an automotive apprentice, though he has been in the industry for 5 years.
Scott takes advantage of living by the Rockies through lots of snowboarding, he also enjoys hiking (with his car).
Good thing you know mechanics Scott!

Mike Resh
Journeyman Technician

Meet Mike Resh

Mike has been in the automotive industry for over 25 years, its without a doubt our pride to have him as a part of our family here at Big Rock Dodge! Starting his position with us as an auto technician in November of 2014, we can easily identify him by his friendly humor and the lively smile he always wears.

In Mike's down time you can usually find him playing dungeons and dragons or eating cheesies and sipping energy drinks while imagining he's riding that fluffy white monster looking thing from the movie "Never Ending Story".

Us too Mike, us too.

Richard Raynard
Technician/Shop Hand

Meet Richard,

Richard has been an employee of Big Rock Dodge since November of 2017, though he's been in the industry since 2002. Richard is the "go to guy" here at Big Rock as he takes care of our maintenance, run's parts, and is also one of our tech's. He's a busy guy if you ask us! When Richard isn't here at the dealership, he's usually spending time with his family, doing some home improvements, or playing with a car stereo.

Ramil Rosario
Journeyman Technician

Meet Ramil,

Ramil has served the automotive industry for over 20 years, and has been a journeyman technician for Big Rock since March of 2015.

You can easily identify Ramil as very energetic and from him saying "hey buddy" a lot.... like, a lot.. He also likes working on his vehicle and is everyone's buddy.

Brayden Fox
Shop Hand/ Apprentice

Meet Brayden

Brayden is the youngest team member here at Big Rock Dodge, as he is still a student. Alongside working as our shop hand Brayden also apprentices with us, making his first introduction to the automotive industry as of September 2019.

When Brayden is not working away at his studies, or learning a thing or two off of our mechanics you can catch him playing guitar in his after school rock band, dirtbiking, or even skiing in the winter seasons.
Welcome to the Big Rock Family Brayden!

Colton Still
Wash bay Attendant

Meet Colton,

Colton Started at Big Rock Dodge October of 2019 as our detailer, however he has recently finished is second year degree of autobody refinishing. He enjoys a variety of hobbies, including going to the gym, playing video games, and working on his car. 

Kyle Simon

Meet Kyle,

Kyle is new to the automotive industry, beginning his position here at Big Rock Dodge in August of 2020. When Kyle isn't here at work you will probably find him at home playing video games, out hunting, hanging out with friends or cruising in his truck.